Teeth Straightening Options: Are There Alternatives to Braces?

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Looking for more information on braces so you can decide if this teeth straightening option is the right choice? While traditional braces used to be the only option for straightening teeth, today’s dental technologies allow for a number of teeth straightening options. Those living with crooked teeth need to be sure to choose one that fits in with their lifestyle.

Straight teeth

Wondering why so many people choose to get braces? Because they want and/or need their teeth to be straighter. Many people with minimally crooked teeth want straighter teeth because straight teeth make for a more attractive smile. Many people also need to straighten their teeth, as sometimes teeth grow in very crooked. The bottom line is everyone needs to have straight teeth because it is easier to clean teeth when they are straight, which makes for an overall healthier mouth.

Additional options for straightening teeth

The list below includes three teeth straightening options that are considered to be an alternative to braces.

Clear aligners

This alternative teeth straightening option is one of the more popular choices these days. Aligners are custom-made for every patient and come in a certain amount of sets, which are switched out every two weeks or so. The aligners are made using a safe plastic and can be removed from the mouth for a few hours every day. The fact that aligners are barely noticeable when being worn, makes this straightening option one that both teenagers and adults are choosing to straighten their teeth.

Dental bonding

This alternative teeth straightening option is one of the fastest ways for someone to straighten their teeth. It is a popular option for those who are in need of minimal teeth straightening treatment and is completely painless. Dental bonding to straighten teeth requires a dental professional to strategically apply the bonding material to one’s teeth in a way that makes them look straighter, allowing for a more attractive smile. Binding can also fill tooth gaps and improve the look of discolored teeth.

Porcelain veneers

This alternative teeth straightening option is also a fast option for straightening one’s teeth. Dental veneers are made using thin porcelain shells and are created in a way that makes crooked teeth look straighter by gluing the custom-made veneers onto one’s teeth. Veneers are a straightening option for minor tooth misalignments and require two different dental appointments to have them placed on their teeth. The first appointment allows the dental professional to custom design the veneers, and the second appointment is when the veneers will actually be placed on the teeth.

Want straighter teeth?

Decided that braces are the right choice? Or maybe one of the other straightening options is a better choice? It is essential for those who are in need of teeth straightening to choose an option that fits in with their lifestyle. This makes it necessary to understand how each straightening option works, which is listed above to help those decide.

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