How Braces Can Improve Your Smile and Your Oral Health

Braces Dubuque, IA

If your dentist has recommended that you get braces, you should know that they can improve your oral health. Braces are about more than simply straightening your teeth. Braces will also help you avoid cavities. Getting braces now can help you have straighter teeth later. Read on to learn how braces can do this.

What are braces?

A dentist will place braces on a patient to reposition the teeth. This will result in a straighter smile. This can improve both the appearance and the function of the patient’s teeth. If a patient gets metal braces, the dentist will place brackets on the teeth and then place a wire on all the brackets.

However, a patient can also choose to get Invisalign. This is a set of clear plastic trays that a patient can take in and out for eating and brushing. A dentist may also recommend other treatments to improve the teeth. A patient may have braces for a year and a half to two years.

Health benefits of braces

Having a bad bite is common. However, correcting the issues by getting braces can give a healthier mouth. When the teeth are aligned properly, a patient can prevent tooth decay later in life. Properly aligned teeth are easier to clean. Because oral health is linked to overall health, a patient is also indirectly benefiting that as well.

Easier to clean

Patients with crooked teeth often find it harder to brush or floss properly. This leads to an increased risk of cavities and a need for dental work. This includes root canals and fillings later in life. Without the right hygiene, the gums can develop gum disease. If left untreated, this can eventually cause the teeth to fall out.

Better checkups

Straightening the teeth can help a dentist see them better during dental exams. This will allow any issues to be spotted early on. Better yet, patients often do not have oral problems after having straighter teeth. This can reduce or eliminate the need for tooth extractions later.

Fixing bite problems

A bad bite is also known as malocclusion. This means that the jaw is misaligned, which can cause pain in the jaw. This can also cause patients discomfort while eating or speaking. The position of the teeth can sometimes have negative effects on the way a patient speaks.

Braces can move the jaw to its proper position. An overbite or an underbite can make chewing more difficult and speaking less clear. Misaligned teeth can also cause mouth pain. The misalignment places extra stress on the teeth.

Visit a dentist today

If you are noticing that it is difficult to brush your teeth properly, then you should consider getting braces. Keeping your natural teeth as long as possible can help you live each day to the fullest. A dentist can help you choose the right type of braces to get. If you have more questions about braces, then your dentist can help you answer them.

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