3 Reasons to Consider Invisalign® to Straighten Teeth

Invisalign Dubuque, IA

Understanding how Invisalign® works is the first thing you need to do when considering using this popular teeth straightening option. You will undergo an initial evaluation performed by a dental professional, who will then assign you a certain number of custom-made aligner sets, which need to be switched out every two weeks. Once the last set of aligners is used, the teeth straightening process is complete.

Why are so many people choosing Invisalign clear aligners?

Wondering why Invisalign clear aligners are so popular among those who want the benefits that come with having straight teeth? Because this teeth straightening system is one that works differently than any other straightening system currently offered by dental professionals. New dental technologies allow people who choose this option the ability to experience a number of exciting benefits that are simply not an option with other straightening choices.

Three reasons to consider Invisalign to straighten teeth

The list below includes three reasons why anyone who wants straighter teeth should consider using the Invisible clear aligner teeth straightening system.

#1 – There are no food restrictions

Those who choose Invisalign clear aligners can eat anything they want, even sticky and chewy foods. This is because the aligners are removed when eating, making it so wearers can eat anything they want. It is important to brush one’s teeth after eating before placing the aligners back in the mouth, as it is possible for the aligners to stain if the mouth is not completely free of any food debris. It is also important to rinse the aligners every time they are removed from the mouth.

#2 – There are no sharp edges

Traditional metal braces include brackets and wires, which both often include sharp edges that can irritate the inside of the mouth. Invisalign aligners are made using a high-quality and safe plastic, which means there are no sharp and irritating edges to worry about. In the rare chance that someone happens to get an aligner that has a rough edge that causes irritation, they can carefully file the edge with sandpaper.

#3 – They can be removed when attending special events

The fact that Invisalign clear aligners can be taken out of the mouth for a couple of hours every day means they can be removed when attending a special event. This means people can remove their aligners when attending a wedding, a graduation, a reunion and even when going on vacation. This benefit is one that many people are looking for nowadays, as they do not want their teeth straightening option to be seen in photos.

Have you made a choice?

Have you decided if Invisalign is the right choice for you? If you think this teeth straightening system will fit into your lifestyle, your next step is making an appointment so you can have your treatment plan made. All of the details necessary to get your teeth straight so you can have a healthy mouth will be included in this plan. Ready to get started so you can have the straight teeth that make for a healthy mouth?

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