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Clear Aligners: An Alternative To Braces For Adults

Clear Aligners: An Alternative To Braces For Adults

A few years ago, before clear aligners became the big thing, braces were the most common option available for straightening the teeth. Most adults consider traditional braces unsightly and would therefore never get them. Fortunately, clear aligners are now available for adults who want to correct mild to moderate teeth misalignment or crowding.Unlike traditional braces…

How To Adjust Your Child&#    ;s Palatal Expander &#    ; Kid&#    ;s Orthodontist

How To Adjust Your Child's Palatal Expander - Kid's Orthodontist

If a kid's orthodontist finds that lack of room in the mouth for all the permanent teeth is causing problems, they may recommend a palatal expander. This appliance attaches to the top row of teeth and spans the roof of the mouth. A mechanism allows a parent to insert a tiny key and turn the…